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Latin Dan & Edna

Remember we talked about this last session?
I found something which is not quite Dan & Edna -- more of a "Gabby and Debby". It's called "Forum Romanum". From the site:
Forum Romanum presents news from the ancient world as it happens. Each show takes place on a particular date in Roman history. Forum opens with the Quaestio Hodierna, designed to cue the audience to that show's theme. Following this question comes the Quid Novi segment announcing the day's top story.

The next segment features a related topic, either an editorial or an interview with a persona notanda.

After the news comes the weather (Tempestas Hodierna). This segment is actually meant to be a geography lesson, emphasizing locations around the Mediterranean relevant to the show's top story. The answer to the Quaestio Hodierna is then given, followed by the Dictum Hodiernum (also based on the feature story). The show closes with a quick review of the top story and a brief valediction by the host of Forum Romanum.

See the short (short) video clips. I actually managed to follow some of it... :)
I'm sure there's something better out there... Will keep my eyes opened.
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