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Since Gali neglects her duties, I remind you to bring whatever-it-is-you-wanted from your parents' to the next meeting.

A Latin version of this sentence will come a little later... got to run now...

Let's try this in Latin too (see disclaimer)

O Asafe,
Quoniam Galia officia eam neglegit, tibi ammoneo ferre, amabo te, "Pigorian Chants" a parentibus tui ad secundam sessionem.

Take II:
O Asafe,
Quoniam Galia officia sua neglegit, tibi (or is it te?) ammoneo ferre "Pigorian Chants" a domu parentum suorum ad secundam sessionem.

1. I wrote this at 3am.
2. I was (and still am) uncertain regarding the personal pronouns - eam, tibi, tui
3. I didn't know how to translate "Pigorian Chants", and even if I did - I wasn't sure if it was suppose to be in nominative or accusative. My guess is nominative.
4. I didn't know if I should add the prepositions or not -- i.e. "a parentibus" and "ad secundam" or leave it without (and then write "secundae sessioni" instead).

Hopefully I won't look at this tomorrow and wonder what the hell I was thinking...
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