highlydubious (highlydubious) wrote in il_latin,

more questions...

What's the right word for "eating" as a noun? (e.g. in a sentence like "eating is good for you")

Can one take the verb "ceno", for example, and modify it?

I tried to look for another example (like "beginning" and "begin") and there I saw that the 4th form of "incipere" - "inceptum" is a possibility. Does that mean that "cenatum" is what I'm looking for?

I also tried Perseus... couldn't make sense of it... :(
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You're not going to like the answer...

It is... the gerundium! All in good time.
so... does that mean "cenatum" is indeed what I was looking for?
No. The 4th pp is the supine, which is hard to explain (by which I mean I have only seen it once or twice in the wild and don't understand it very well, but it has to do with purpose). Gerunds are verbal nouns -- verb forms which end in -ing (in English) and have noun functions and morphology.

However Ijon is wrong with respect to this example in that gerunds do not exist in the nominative case; you use the infinitive instead (you see in English "to eat is good for you" really means the same as "eating is..." though it is awkward).
So - for example - if I wanted to say "let the fighting begin" - I would use the subjunctive in present and the infinitive?